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  • Learn how to manage your finances better
  • Spend less & earn more opportunities
  • Access to debt counselling, tax advice, legal assistance
  • Discounted accommodation
  • Various vouchers

How it works

FinClub is all about educating yourself and learning how spend less and earn more. We want our offers to provide actual value – whether it's savings, rewards or debt relief – and we choose financial partners that share our mission. If we do our job well, you save money and learn how to make some more. Everyone wins.


Tools to help you reach your financial goals

FinClub tools will show you how certain actions affect your credit, how much you can afford,the best ways to repay it and help you to get in a position where you never need another loan again!

Trusted by over 65K South Africans

Being trusted by thousands of South Africans, FinClub is one of the most authoritative solutions to help individuals to overcome financial difficulties and begin to save again.

Discounted FinClub benefits, valued over R500pm

FinClub has partnered with various retail partners to offer you vouchers at a discounted rate each month.


FinClub’s offering is simple and effective, we offer you the following to help you on the road to financial wellness.


Financial Education Programme

The FinClub Financial Education Programme is designed to assist South Africans during these turbulent times in the country’s economy. Designed by business professionals, FinClub offers a digital Financial Education Programme to help its members improve their financial knowledge and fully understand their personal financial position in order to improve it. However, FinClub doesn’t stop there.

Spend less & earn more opportunities

Over the years, we’ve established solid business partnerships with a number of financial institutions and service providers that go the extra mile to improve the financial wellness of FinClub members by offering discounted premiums on existing and new policies.
Furthermore, in order to improve the financial position of each FinClub member, we also help you to identify opportunities for additional monthly income.

Exclusive 15-in- 1 value benefit package

On top of that, FinClub offers several value-added services to not only improve your knowledge but also give you access to essential services at discounted rates on your road to financial wellness. For as little as R59/month, you can get access to benefits such as roadside assistance, tax advice, funeral assistance, legal advice, vouchers at several nationwide retailers and much more.

Value-Based Packages

No hidden costs. No contracts. Pay-As-You-Go and get real benefits monthly!



  • Financial wellness information available for you when you need it most

    Financial Education Programme
  • Financial wellness information available for you when you need it most

    Spend less & Earn more Opportunities
  • Financial wellness information available for you when you need it most

    Financial Wellness & Credit Check
  • An efficient 24hr Emergency helping to assist with any medical situation

    Emergency Medical Assist
  • An efficient 24hr Emergency helping to assist with your roadside situation

    Emergency Roadside Assist
  • Specialized assistance at a time when you need it most in a time of distress

    Funeral Assist
  • Specialized help for HIV and AIDS related situations when you need it most

    HIV AIDS Treatment Line



The entire COMPACT Package PLUS:

  • When you need help around your home the 1st hour labour and call out is free of charge

    Home Assist
  • Legal assistance available via 24/7 telephonic support for your legal needs

    Legal Assist
  • Tax advice to help you through all your tax related enquiries

    Tax Advice
  • Qualified counsellors are available to assist with any traumatic experience 24hrs a day

    Trauma Assist and Counselling



The entire FAMILY Package PLUS:

  • Whether its homework or a project our telephonic tutor line can assit

    Tutor Online
  • Access to over 3,200 accommodation facilities throughout South Africa at discounted rates

    Discounted Accommodation
  • Discount at over 3200 venues across South Africa

    Discount Voucher
  • Get the right help counselling related services without the stress

    Debt Counselling



The entire STANDARD Package PLUS:

  • Amazing discounted access to movies, airtime and grocery vouchers

    Value Vouchers



After three months as a FinClub member, I’ve managed to decrease my monthly expenses, set up a budget and are able to stay within it. Thanks FinClub for helping me make better financial decisions and improving my spending habits.

Mbali Shabalala

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